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The rest of the party shopping...

...is done. After picking up the car, I ran to Smart & Final.

Picked up plastic champagne flutes.

Remember, now, that the theme for this year's Further Confusion is "RenFur: a Knight's Tail"

They didn't have Lucas Crazy Hair (check out that website, I'm going to have to find more of that stuff). I'm upset. I wanted to have homonculi.

They had Lucas Gusano Tamarindo. It's Dr. John Dee's Guaranteed Enochian Plague Cure.

They did have push pops. I think those are going to be holy relics, in their own special pop-up reliquaries. Faked, of course.

They had Chick-o-Sticks. No, there's no chicken in them. No, they don't have a chicken-like appearance. They're something akin to the "peanut butter" crunch center of a Butterfinger bar, but in the form of skinny cylinders coated with powdered coconut. They could be pieces of the True Cross brought back from the Crusades. Faked, of course.

They had glow pops. Pieces of the sorceror's stone, perhaps?

I will also be bringing the bottle of Wuliangye Liquor, since didjiman translated part of the Chinese on the side to read "Five Wolf Spirit."


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Jan. 16th, 2006 05:43 pm (UTC)
Completely (sort of) off topic, where did you find Chick-o-sticks? The last place I knew of to get them was a gas station in Goleta.
Jan. 16th, 2006 05:46 pm (UTC)
S&F just north of Tully on Monterey. They've got them by the boxload, and the big ones, not the bite-size.
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