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Crown Weekend (the Friday Night Review)

"Rhinestones under the Stars" was an adventure in the surreal...

Siobhan and Marko had planned for an intimate gathering, but not the intimate gathering we ended up with. We pulled off the freeway to see a construction crew working at an intersection, tall construction lights on a pole and no traffic lights. Eh... a bit odd. The next two traffic lights also being out were the warning that there wasn't any power in Cupertino.

We got to George and Andrea's, and sure enough, there was no power. They're on top of a hill, so we could look down (east) upon a vast swath of black reaching into Sunnyvale and Santa Clara.

Being enterprising folks, though, Siobhan, Marko, George & Andrea had raided every closet for candles and we ran the party by candlelight and battery lanterns. This is the only court event we've ever been involved in that could not only survive but actually thrive without electricity. It did help, though, that we started without power rather than having to adapt midway through the party.

Hors d'oeuvre were cooked on the gas grill. Folks hung out around the piano and sang songs ("Hello Dolly" didn't turn into an "Exorcist" moment, thankfully). And we drank. All in all, a most excellent evening.

More posts later, but at the moment I'm absolutely shattered...

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