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It wasn't a total comedy of errors...

kproche checked his flight status for Boston online, and his departure was pushed back from 8:15 to (eventually) 10:40. Of course the online info only said it was delayed, not why, and that he should still check in at the regular time in case the delay would be lifted.

(Air Traffic Control delays can be lifted at a moment's notice if ATC can find an alternate flight plan that will work.)

So we got to the airport and parked in short-term parking on-time. Turns out the delay was caused by storms today in Boston; the inbound flight (it's a quick turnaround, afternoon non-stop to SJ, red-eye return to Boston) was delayed leaving and wasn't going to be in until probably 10:00pm (just after the return leg of their daily SJC/La Guardia hop left the same gate).

We bailed and did a quick run to E&O Trading Company for a nice little dinner. This was a welcome change from the rest of the weekend in Reno, where we spent most of the time at the Downtown Holiday Inn, noticeably off the strip and not terribly near good food (notes on Reno Ducal will follow, the mediocre food was really the only downer). We also stopped at the Walgreens down the street so K could pick up some gloves.

He's back at the airport, waiting again (and it looks like they're going to have a 10:30 departure, ooh, 10 minutes saved).


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Jan. 15th, 2006 09:29 pm (UTC)
Oh, and we discovered that the yummy Singapore Fried Rice has minced Napa Cabbage (aka bok choi) in it.

Bad for Kevin's tummy. Fortunately I spotted it before I'd eaten too much, so merely had to put up with an hour's worth of mild burping rather than anything more explosive.

Note to my friends: don't feed Kevin bok choi. I fact, for the comfort of all those around him, avoid feeding him cabbage of any kind.
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