Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

I'm not sure I'm converted...

...but I converted my rope-storage from chains (as in fold in half, and chain up slip-knots to take up the bulk of the rope) to alpine coils.

Surprisingly, it's actually less bulky than the chains, but with kinked up ropes (from having been in chains for a while) it's a bit sloppy. I expect after they've had some time relaxed out, a bit of use, and been recoiled they'll be much better.

On a different note, I got to Nijiya Market and picked up 4 bottles of Ozeki Nigori Sake for the Evil Geniuses party at Further Confusion I also found Bishonen Junmai Ginjo sake (for a giggle, see how Babelfish translates the Junmai Ginjo Sake page). A bottle of that is going to Anime Los Angeles with us.

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