Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

For reddheart and others...

So I finally slipped behind the cut on her Blackmore's Night entry.

Now this ain't about Blackmore's Night, but it is about the sort of folk/rock that they do.

Heather Alexander (Bay Area exile, long-time faire musician and full-time performer) and her new band Uffington Horse (well, not that new...) are coming back down to San Jose for Further Confusion.

We saw Heather (alone, or rather just her and Phil) at Westercon this summer in Phoenix; it's been quite a few years since kproche has seen them.

So anyway, for reddheart... Heather Alexander and the Album of Secrets (the "a-side" is Musical Me, "b-side" is Who am I?). No Harry Potter themed songs, just the title and covers. Oh, and it's mostly an out-takes album, so it makes most sense in conjunction with Festival Wind (from which recording sessions the out-takes come). Festival Wind does include a song inspired by the burden of the ringbearer.

I got a copy of Uffington Horse's promo CD at Westercon. It's some seriously headbanging folk.

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