Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Geek Triumph!

Well, almost geek triumph. It will be geek triumph when the cable modem is working.

Our SprintBBD connection has become a bit flaky over the last year. When it was the only thing available in our neighborhood, it was survivable, if a touch annoying. Still leaps and bounds beyond dial-up.

We still can't get DSL here. Wires are just too crappy.

Comcast upgraded us to the new digital infrastructure a while back, and we signed up for Comcast DVR last spring. So we can get cable broadband, which should be a hell of a lot faster than the microwave and a bit more reliable.

Well, except that the cable comes in to the living room, where we don't have computers, and the cable modem isn't getting enough signal to connect happily.

The latter Comcast is sending somebody out to fix Wednesday morning. The former resulted in a minor network hardware binge.

There is, of course, the cable modem (that isn't getting enough signal), to go in the living room.

There is the new 802.11g wireless router for the living room. Yeah, I could have bought a cable modem with integrated wireless router, but then I have the cable company blaming everything that goes wrong on the router, and a wireless router that doesn't support as many standards. This router supports WPA and WPA2; the integrated unit doesn't.

There's the 802.11g wireless bridge to pipe the signal into the studio, where all the wired network devices are, thus saving us another new wire run.

All pretty spiffy, and all working (except the cable modem). At the moment the bridge is only bridging about 13" because the bridge and the router are on the same shelf in the studio, but when the cable modem is working, all I have to do is move the router and everything is happy. Pretty slick.

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