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Costume-Con 23 Historical Masquerade rules posted

Yeah, I just posted a related update yesterday, but...

It looks like nearly all the competition rules have been posted on the Costume-Con 23 website.

The Future Fashion Folio deadline is approaching; I've been told that the directors will accept submissions received by 10/9/2004. You do not need to be a member of Costume-Con 23 to submit folio design entries.

The Doll Costume Competition is open to supporting and attending members of Costume-Con 23; if you're unable to travel to Utah in May but wish to compete, you may purchase a supporting membership and ship your entry to the convention. The Doll competition is a chance to design, create and compete a costume on a doll or stuffed animal.

The following at-convention competitions do require that purchase an attending membership in Costume-Con 23.

The Future Fashion Show (where folio designs are produced for a runway show) rules have not yet been posted.

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Masquerade rules have been posted. This is the big Saturday Night show, much like the masquerade competitions you've seen at WorldCon and regional SF conventions.

The Historical Masquerade rules have been posted. Show format is much like the SF&F masquerade, but judging is a little different. It's the big Sunday Night show.

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