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Back on the Imperial Treadmill...

...with another full weekend.

This time it's the court's first (if things go according to plan) really big event of the reign. Saturday night is Crown Ball, and there are a bunch of things going on surrounding it.

Friday night at George & Andrea's (they've got a fabulous house in the hills) we're having "Rhinestones under the Stars," a relatively intimate cocktail party to kick off the weekend. Email Crown Princess Siobhan for more information and to be placed on the guest list. We're asking for $10 at the door.

Saturday at 7:30 PM is the Crown Ball itself, at the Banker's Club in downtown San Jose. Siobhan and Crown Prince Marko are putting together a classic formal ball with just a touch of silliness. If you have a crown, wear it. If you don't, something can be arranged. Expect entertainment, dancing, refreshments and a few prize drawings (including a TV/DVD combo). Ball tickets are $15. You don't have to RSVP for this one in advance, but if you can email Crown Princess Siobhan and let her know you're planning to go she'll be able to plan better.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon we've got our end-of-summer blow-out at Renegades. Yep, it's your last chance for those mythical burgers and dogs that are rumored to have been available on Sunday afternoons. We're pulling out all the stops for this one; expect some mayhem on the part of Imperial Crown Princess Ava Grab-Mor and Imperial Crown Prince Alan[

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