Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

It is to laugh...

So I doubt that any of you have been following the "Venom Cock" wars, and if you haven't, apparently denial is a river running through Colleen Lindsay's office at DelRey/Ballantine.

Ms. Lindsay has worked herself up into a happy fluffy bunny lather, imagining all sorts of "facts" to support her defense of the poor, defenseless author of "Touched By Venom."

"However, I have read the review copy of the book, quite recently, in fact, and the phrase “venom cock” does not appear anywhere in the book." John Joseph Adams, the reviewer who trashed the book published the excerpt from the RoC sampler where "venom cock" appears. It's all over the book.

Now that's just a stupid mistake. You could read a book and not remember that the phrase "venom cock" is scattered throughout. Right?

I really don't care, other than from the perspective of a Roman at the gladiatorial games, watching poor sods get butchered from the sidelines. I'm tired about "edgy" books about sexuality and literary themes dolled up as S/M porn. I'm not this book's target market.

What really gets me, though?

"World Con doesn't really count. It's a trade show, more or less, like BEA, and it exists so that editors, agents and authors can meet one another and do business." I don't know what WorldCon she's been going to, but it's not the ones I've been at.

Clueless fans spreading misinformation about WorldCon do enough harm. Now we've got clueless professionals doing the same. Maybe she needs to ask some of those authors she's name-dropping what they think of WorldCon.

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