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Food plans...

For didjiman's party: Since I know it's going to be a gang of seafood fiends, crab puffs (yes, I know it's a generic pate a choux recipe, the actual recipe for crab puffs is actually in The Two Fat Ladies Obsessions). Also wine (what else did you expect?).

For Jen & Dave's party: I don't know yet. Also wine.

For Wyatt's party: I'm thinking Country Ham because it's the best chance for me to have enough people to make it worthwhile, but
  1. Rod & Allen will be doing deep-fried turkey, so there should be no lack of meat
  2. It's a leeeetle bit time-consuming (moreso than the turkey), and I'm not sure where to get a country ham around here
which leaves me at loose ends.

Oh, well, means "dive into cookbooks" time unless something shows up on Good Eats. Hey, I've got hours of that on the DVR, I might be able to find something there...

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