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Modesto Coronation...

kproche and I went to Modesto on Saturday for their coronation. We like Emperor Art and Empress Debbie, and Art had asked K to sing "O Canada" as part of the presentation of colors.

We got up early enough in the morning to make it to the Howard Johnson Express Inn in Ceres, turn in the protocol list and catch up with people in hospitality. We were pleasantly surprised to run into Empress XV Darlene (of Dar's Hideaway); the candidate for Emperor was a good friend of hers. There was a bit of chaos with protocol, Regent Emperor Emmanuel had faxed some updates to the hotel, but they swore that nothing came in. Not surprisingly, after Emmanuel re-faxed his updates they found the other copy.

We did a bit of shopping at the dollar stores (the strip mall at Hatch & Herndon in Ceres has 2 dollar stores and a Big Lots!), a bit of lunch at Jenny's Family Dining (a delightfully strange and excellent restaurant) and a bit of wasting time (Nickelodeon was running a Danny Phantom marathon) before heading to the coronation.

Art & Debbie's theme for this coronation was "Myths and Legends of Centuries Past" and they did a pretty good job with the decor. K ended up singing both "The Star Spangled Banner" and "O Canada" and then our responsibilities were done. K reprised his "Atlas" costume from the SCCLA show, but in iridescent metallic; it was very popular. I bid on a lot of Tom of Finland Foundation items (5 posters, 2 prints and 2 statuettes) and got it. "Big Daddy Mac" Sandy's candidate number was a rendition of She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy with her mobi dolled up like a tractor for her entrance.

There were a few stumbles. They hadn't really rehearsed Art and Debbie's entrance robes being removed, and it was a bit trickier than expected. Art was signing certificates for award recipients as he was giving them on the dais. That was about it, though.

We did a quick run to The Brave Bull. It was hopping, but it was loud, so we headed back to the hotel.

Sunday morning was a quick pack and victory brunch. The food was atrocious, but the presentations were very nice, and Mac's "acceptance speech" was absolutely hysterical. Afterwards we headed back (with a stop in Livermore for a wine-club pickup), and just faded out.

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