Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

This is just crazy...

...or maybe not. I'm leaning towards crazy, though.

Somebody actually bid $99 for a 40-year-old Pfaff 332-260.

Plus $30 shipping and handling.

For a machine that doesn't have the power cord or speed controller, and as such couldn't be tested by the seller.

Now I was ready to pay $40 or so (plus the shipping) because it had a stack of parts that would be valuable to me. If the machine worked with the power cord and foot controller that came with the Pfaff 332 that I've already got, that would be gravy.

One thing I've noticed on eBay is that these old Pfaff home machines are often confused for industrial machines by sellers, at least with regards to resale value. There's usually a contemporary industrial model with the same number, it's the same color, and has nearly identical controls. I'm wondering if there are buyers making the same mistake. There's only a few differences. The home machines feature a free arm; industrial machines always have a flat bed. Home machines have a built-in motor; industrial machines are belt-driven from an external motor mounted on or under the work table. Oh, and industrial machine heads are about twice the size of a home machine. An easy, but not terribly frugal mistake to make.

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